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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blogs Don't Run your Ads Mr. Chaudhuri

I was under the impression that senseless suing (or the threat to) is an essentially American pastime. But like other things American we Indians are also acquiring this trait. A certain management institute and it's bespectacled ponytailed boss got furious about the good words (for the clueless B-school aspirants) which a well meaning blogger Gaurav Sabnis had put up on his blog. He had linked to a story carried by JAM where the Mumbai based mag attempted to bring out the truth about IIPM's tall claims (I always found their advertisements amusing).

Eye Eye Pee Yum went on a damage control spree and their legal cell sent Gaurav a letter claiming Rs. 125 crores in damages. The letter makes for a hilarious read.

The good thing about this amusing affair is that some naive B-school aspirants might see some light and be more cautious before falling into a trap of tall claims and that the Indian blog community have got together on an issue, something which mainstream media will be reluctant to take up owing to potential loss of ad revenue. But the bad news is that Gaurav Sabnis has resigned from the organisation he was working with. A price which people often have to pay for standing up to their principles.

Thanks to K's blog for inciting me to make a departure from my usual mindless musings and write about something I occasionally should.

And I join Vijay Krishna and other like minded bloggers in thanking Mr. Chaudhuri for helping us realise the great Indian dream - bringing the Indian blogging community together.


Vijay Krishna said...

What puzzles me still is how they arrived at the figure? Not 100, not 200, but exactly 125 crores...

The Humanity Critic said...

Yeah, I was wondering the same

Atul Sabnis said...

Ah! Life connects some where. I just wrote to Gaurav. Not abt the usual blah blah! Happy to see some of us demonstrate that inteligence exists.

Thanks S!

Happy Pujo!