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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ward's Lake

Ward's Lake, Shillong
Ward's Lake, Shillong
Ward's Lake, Shillong
Ward's Lake, Shillong
For those who came in late...

A bored Khasi prisoner was desperate to go out of his cell. The warden asks him to dig holes and fill them up again. Our prisoner was a happy man. Digging holes and filling them up (our government also functions in a similar fashion). As luck would have it, he hit a natural spring. And a whole lake had to dug and a garden developed around it (though there's no evidence suggesting that he did it all on his own). He got no credit for it and the place was named after Sir William Ward, the Chief Commissioner of Assam (1893-94). (Shillong used to be the capital of Assam from 1874 to 1972. Then Meghalaya became a separate state). This place remains a favorite haunt of lovers, suicidal individuals/couples, tourists and morning walkers alike.

I'm unofficially trying to boost Meghalaya's economy. Don't have the cash to set up industries (or other money minting ventures) there. Atleast I'll try to attract some fat-wallet tourists. The tourism ministry doesn't seem to be doing much.


aquamarine said...

Breathtaking....have u been to OOty or Kodaikanal?
You should cycle around the lake, it's a great experience.

And hey my ex-roomie from whom I learnt a couple of phrases was was a Khasi too..

Keep it going. Can't bank on the govt,,it's upto us to make it happen,still awaiting ur tickets.


dwaipayan said...

i still remember the lake. i went there with my family and ur brother guided us.

and it really seems that u have become a tourist attracting agent of shillong. but then, it's really a place worth visiting. ummmmmm , those cakes........

Sindhu said...

That was an useful doubt you are trying to promote tourism :)

Gypsy said...

yup! nice place!

Abaniko said...

are there joggers in this place too? it reminds me of ny's central park.

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

There! I have added Shillong to my travel itinenary. :)

Pallavi said...

I have some of those in my sets too..
you could check this up when you are free..