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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cracking the Laundry Code

Recognise these signs? Can comprehend them?

Road Signs

Maybe you do. After all you had memorised them for the driving test.

How about these?

Laundry Symbols

Seems familiar? Look in the tag inside your jacket.

Laundry care symbols flummox me. What do these modern incarnations of cave drawings say? Here's a guide to let you know more: HTML PDF [131 KB]


aquamarine said...

Well, techincally speaking,they are not cave drawings, but infact these pictorial depictions fall under "Information Design", in particular, ISOTYPE which, make use of drawings that effectively communicate across the globe. Hence it does not require words or translation for the country where these synbols maybe used.

In this context, informtion design has been used very poorly or mayb I'm just a ignoramus.

Abaniko said...

it's funny because i see beside the sign its meaning. this is such a redundant world.

aklanta said...

Faced them so many times but never bothered about speniding a little time cracking them( except for one or two times while ironing). Habitual capsule taker!

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

I thought they were very simple! But then I have been reading them for a while!

Atul Sabnis said...

i think i got a couple of them without looking at your ref sheet :) any case since i started using a washing machine here, i kind of am getting used to them.

Where your musings take us...

dwaipayan said...

i think i know the meaning of these

Rita said...

Lol! You have trouble cracking the code? Aren't those cave drawings self-explanatory? :D