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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Morning Marchers and Curious Onlookers

India Rising
The trailer was there in the last post, now for the full version. Of the 170 photos clicked only 15 (including the one in the last post) made it to this blog.

The morning of January 21 was exceptionally cold. Two amateur shutterbugs armed with a tiny digicam jostled for the perfect frame with a dozen professionals brandishing their SLRs. Every January 26, India showcases on the wide roads of New Delhi its military might and the cultural cauldron that it is. The rehearsals for this grand annual event start long before. Men in uniform, school kids, cultural troupes, brave little kids - everyone rehearses that one extra time to get it right for the big day. As for us commuters, we have become somewhat used to the regular traffic diversions and snarls whenever there is something on in the capital.

The Portly Policeman. Actually he's trying to hide his potbelly with the file in his hand
Crossing the White Line
Waiting for Green?
Aye Aye Cap'n
In Order
Waiting for the Indians
Salute India
Left Right
In Tune With the Times

And a few for the photographers:

Their efforts are splashed across the dailies and credited (not always) with a name in a tiny font. Eyes glued to the viewfinder they too make a pretty picture.

Shoot at Sight
Fastest Finger First
Guns Lowered


Rohit Talwar said...

Great work!

Especially the last pics--of the photographers--very true about their credits!

Atul Sabnis said...

soum, those ppl practicing, some of them dont seem to be real serious, do they?

dwaipayan said...

hmm. so finally u updated it. and good pics, i have to when r u gonna gift me a digicam????

educatedunemployed said...

Those are some awesome smiles and fantastic little stories you captured there.

Shagun said...

Very nice pics. Who says you are an amateur. Our website still has to update R-Day pics.

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Very nice! The photos themselves tell a story and thats what I like about it. Is it possible that because you are an amateur and not an SLR-wielding photojournalist that people warmed up to you?

Anonymous said...

Had the SLR in the very last pic been a couple of inches lower further, its would created a wonderful and even horrific illusion!
Nice works anyways

Artful Badger said...

memorable photos..